• Soft Designer Case - Beige Mah Jongg Logos
  • 166 Mah Jongg Tiles White with Tile Trays with Matching Wrap plus Bonus Tile Bag
  • Four Transparent Colored 2 in 1 Pusher Racks with Matching Wrap
  • Mah Jongg Bettor, Four Color Money Chips and Dice
  • New 166 American Western Complete Set

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    Order your set today with our Exclusive Soft Designer Case - Easy to Carry shoulder straps. We include a complete 166 piece Mah Jongg tile set, two trays for your tiles and two matching wraps, one for your tile trays and one for all fours of your pusher racks. As a bonus we will include a clear tile bag just in case your in a hurry to get away with all your winnings and want to just dump your tiles and run! New American Western Full Size 166pc Mah Jongg Tiles, 4 color 2 in 1 Pusher Racks, 4 Color Mah Jong Money Chips Mah Jong Bettor included Tile size is 1 1/8" x 7/8" x 1/2"